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Work tenders with PAC Below 5 Lakhs

Sale of scrap materials at Sub Regional Store Shoranur & TMR Division Shornur 16-09-2021
Dismantling of 11Km 11 kV line and LT line under Electrical Section, Kadakkavoor under Electrical Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 16-09-2021
Installing A/PSC Pole for drawing ABC Cable from Valakuzhi to Malambara under Electrical Section, Vennikulam 15-09-2021
Painting of A Poles (Sabarimala area) under Electrical Section, Ranni Perunad 15-09-2021
Construction of 0.63 Km 11 kV line from Kallamavu to LT Interlink point under Electrical Section, Vaipur 15-09-2021
Re-Tender/Auction Notice-Disposal of various trees at 110kV Substation compound, Malampuzha 15-09-2021
Tightening of jumper connections of 110kV Pallom-Pampady-Kanjirappally- mundakkayam and Erumely LILO feeders under LMS, Poovanthuruthu 15-09-2021
Disposal of scrap stored at Sub Regional Store, Pala 15-09-2021
Sale of old and unusable batteries available at 110KV Substation, Ayarkunnam under Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruthu 14-09-2021
Sale of transformer oil available at 110kV Substation Erumely & 110kV Substation Koothattukulam under Transmission Circle, Poovanthuruthu 14-09-2021
INSTALLATION OF 1No. 100kVA TRANSFORMER AT KAKACITY AFTER DRAWING 400m 11kV LINE under Electrical section, Kambilikandom 13-09-2021
TRANSFORMER SHIFTING AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS under Electrical section, Chithirapuram 13-09-2021
Sale of scrap materials at sections under Electrical Sub Division, Pattambi 10-09-2021
Sale of scrap materials at sections under Electrical Sub Division, Thrithala 10-09-2021
Disposal of various scrap materials available at Sub Regional Store, Padinharathara under Electrical Circle, Kalpetta 09-09-2021
Re Tender Cum Auction Notice-Sale of Old Dept Lorry bearing Reg no.KL 11D 8284 attached to Electrical Division Vadakara 08-09-2021
Construction of 11kV line under Electrical Section, Kallambalam under Electrical Circle, Thiruvananthapuram 08-09-2021
Disposal of Unserviceable Items kept at Sholayar Power House- Cancellation of Tender Cum Public Auction No. 02/2021-22/Dy CE/GEN/TSR 08-09-2021
CONSTRUCTION OF 11 kV LINE FROM THOKKUPARA TOWN TO PRAKASH AB under Electrical section, Chithirapuram 08-09-2021