SMS-based Complaint Registration System for KSEB

Empowering the Consumer & Improving the efficiency of Human resource


Report your power interruption complaints through SMSSMS

  • Effective recording of complaints
  • Complaints tracked to closure
  • Improved Consumer Satisfaction
  • No more complaints of unanswered calls at section offices


SMS Number : [ 537252 ]

Type 'KERALA' on a non-QWERTY keypad


SMS Format

A customer can register complaint in the format:


where SSSS – section code (4 digits)
         CCCCC - Consumer Number (1 to 5 digits)

Don't know your section Code??? No Problem... Download the sections codes

KSEB Sections codes for Complaint registration via SMS
KSEB Sections codes for Complaint registration via SMS
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The customer will get back an acknowledgement message

"Your complaint has been registered. Your docket number is XXXXXXXXXXX. If the complaint is not rectified within T hours, please contact LLLLLLLLLL."

where XXXXXXXXXXX – Docket Number
           LLLLLLLLLL – Section Landline Number.

Format of Docket Number : ddmmyyxxxxx (dd-date, mm-month, yy- year, xxxxx - unique number in the same day)

When a complaint is closed, the consumer will get a message

"Your complaint with the docket number XXXXXXXXXXX has been rectified. Please Contact LLLLLLLLLLLLL for any further assistance."

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