Model Electrical Sections

customer-serviceKSEB Ltd., being a customer oriented organisation, keep the customer in the central area of our business, Board has decided to form model sections with separate functional groups for attending Capital & Maintenance works, Breakdowns and also Revenue related aspects for providing better service to its customers. Board had initially declared 75 Electrical Sections as Model Sections. The facility was extended to further 155 Electrical Sections  during June 2010, making a total of 230 model Sections. In January 2011, this concept was extended to all Electrical sections of Kerala.


Features common to Model Electrical Sections,

  • The office building, employee behaviour, customer facilities and delivery networks/installations will be such that they will communicate the brand of the organisation.
  • Enquiry counters in all model section offices with adequate facilities. These enquiry counters will function as a single point window for the consumers for registering new service connections, clarifying queries on matters related to service connection application, priority, billing, regularization of additional loads etc. as well as for registering general complaints including supply interruptions. Various applications will be accepted at the counter after preliminary verification based on a checklist and token for receipt of application could be provided to the applicant.
  • Extended cash collection hours to consumers (08:00 to 18:00 hrs)
  • 24 hour Vehicle availability will be ensured
  • Low voltage areas will be eliminated (At least 200 V will be ensured at the fag end)
  • All consumers will be provided with static meters and it will be ensured that no meters are faulty.
IT enabled services will be provided to consumers.
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