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List of Work Tenders

Upgradation of existing Aluva – Kothamangalam 66kV DC line to 110kV DC line 11-12-2019
Disposal of old and unserviceable items at various substation/sections under Transmission Circle, Malappuram 10-12-2019
Re -Tender Notice-HT Pole earthing at various locations –200No.s under Electrical section, Nallila 10-12-2019
Providing line AB switches to 11KV line at various locations – 5 No.s under Electrical section, Kundara 10-12-2019
Tender Extension Notice-Providing 11KV line AB switches at various locations in various feeders – 10 No.s under Electrical section, Ezhukone 10-12-2019
e- Tender Extension Notice-Execution of Rectification/replacement of penstocks, Butterfly valves, Gate valves and allied works of Sengulam Hydro Electric Project (4x12.8MW) 10-12-2019
Date Extended E - Tender-110KV Substation Koyilandy - Re Construction of existing dilapidated retaining wall 10-12-2019
HT pole insertion and allied works, for drawing HT ABC, from Kadakom-Tsunami colony-Pulumthuruthy, under Electrical Section Chirayinkeezhu 09-12-2019
Installing PSC/A Pole for drawing ABC under Electrical Section, Kulanada 09-12-2019
Construction of office building for Electrical Section, Moolamattom 09-12-2019
Shifting of HT& LT lines and Transformer stations between Punalur KSRTC to Tholicode in connection with KIIFB Hill Highway Project road widening work under Electrical Section Punalur 09-12-2019
Felling hard wood and rosewood trees and working down timber, billets and firewood from the forest land earmarked for the Anakkayam Small HE Project including transportation to the specified Forest Department depots 09-12-2019
Renovation of F type quarters (F1 A and B) attached with 66kV Substation, Kottayam 09-12-2019
Sale of damaged LT and HT Teak wood poles and TW cross arms available within boundaries of concerned Electrical Sections under Electrical Division, Pala 09-12-2019
Re-Tender / Auction Notice-Disposal of unserviceable Teak wood Poles available at various offices under Electrical Division, Thrissur (East) 09-12-2019
Sale of unserviceable materials available at 66Kv Substation, Thiruvalla, Chumatra & 110Kv Substation, Koodal under Transmission Division, Pathanamthitta 09-12-2019
Interlinking 11 kV line Mathamangalam Feeder from Vellariyanam to Koyipra under Electrical Section Mathamangalam 07-12-2019
Interlinking 11 kV line from Muthiranthikavala to Chappakkadavu under Electrical Section Payyavur 07-12-2019
Mannoor feeder re routing[Part-2] under Electrical Section Mattannur 07-12-2019
UG cable laying work for 11 KV Palayode feeder (Balance work of RAPDRP Mattannur Scheme) under Electrical Section Mattannur 07-12-2019