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Supply tenders with PAC between 1 Crore & 5 Crores

Supply of 110kV Distance & Differential relays 17-07-2019
Supply of 23790 coils of 6mm2 TWIN CORE WEATHER PROOF WIRE 28-06-2019
Supply of Cast resin Dry Type Transformer under PSDF Scheme for replacement of Clophen filled Auxiliary Transformers at Idukki HEP, Moolamattom 27-06-2019
Supply of 3000 nos. of LT Single phase bi-directional energy meters, 6000 nos. of LT Three phase bi-directional energy meters, 600 nos. of LT Three Phase CT operated bi-directional energy meters 30-05-2018
Supply of 33kV, 800A, Tripple Pole Bus Isolator with structure-40 Nos., 33kV, 800A, Tripple Pole Line (with Earth Switch) Isolator with structure-40 Nos., 110kV, 1200A, Tripple Pole Bus Isolator with structure-20 Nos. 25-05-2018
Supply of 30000 nos. of LT CT Operated Static Trivector Energy meters (DTR Meters) of Class 0.5s accuracy (DLMS Compliant) 22-05-2018
Supply of 5 MVA, 33kV/11 kV 3 Phase Outdoor Power Transformer with cable entry box – 3 Nos. 22-05-2018
E-Tender Extension Notice-Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of HT ABC 12.3km, of size 3x150 + 1x120 sq.mm (Insulated Messenger) at Electrical Section Vadakara South( along existing 11KV Puthuppanam Feeder) 11-05-2018
Supply of 220kV and 110kV Composite Polymer Insulators 10-05-2018
Supply of 6 kM 33 kV 3x300 Sq.mm XLPE UG Cable 10-05-2018
Supply of 8 MVA, 33kV/11 kV 3 Phase Power Transformer – 4 Nos. 03-05-2018
Supply of 70kN (15000Nos), 90kN (20000Nos), 120kN (5000Nos) Porcelain Disc Insulators 30-04-2018
Supply of 36 Nos. of 11KV Outdoor CT/PT unit for border metering for UDAY scheme under Electrical Circle, Kattakada 16-04-2018
Fabrication and Supply of Galvanised Steel Yard Structures for Substations under Chief Engineer Transmission (North), Kozhikode (From manufacturers only) 20-03-2018
Supply of Vehicle mounted Cable fault locator for APDRP construction Division Ernakulam under Distribution Central region 16-03-2018
Supply of 60,000 m of 40mm dia ISI marked, medium class G.I Pipe 07-03-2018
Supply of Narrow based towers under Chief Engineer, Transmission South 07-03-2018
E-Tender Extension Notice-Supply of 664 nos of Three-way SMC Low Tension Distribution Boxes (with HRC) 06-03-2018
Supply of 664 nos of Three-way SMC Low Tension Distribution Boxes (with HRC) for three phase Distribution Transformers up to 250 KVA for the use at Electrical Sections under Distribution Central region 23-02-2018
E-Tender Extension Notice-Supply of RING MAIN UNITS of various Types for IPDS under Distribution Central region 17-02-2018