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Number of Categories: 24
Safety Manual Files: 2
Safety Manual
RTI Act Subcategories: 2 Files: 84
Board orders related to Right to information Act
Forms Files: 4
All forms in pdf format required at KSEB.
Regulatory Affairs Files: 21

Tariff petitions, ARR & ERC etc

Annual Plan Files: 3

Annual Plans of KSEB

Acts and Codes Files: 14

Acts and Codes

Board Orders Subcategories: 2 Files: 614

Board Orders

Tenders Subcategories: 2 Files: 809

Tenders of KSEB for download

Transfer and promotion orders Files: 538

Transfer and promotion orders

Notifications Files: 698
Notifications issued by kerala State Electricity Board
Reports Files: 13
Various reports related to KSEB
Softwares Files: 1
Software utilities for KSEB Offices
Government Orders Files: 33
Government Orders
Judgments Files: 2
Important Judgments.
Board orders (Internal matters) Files: 46
Board orders (Internal matters).
Notifications (Internal matters) Files: 126
Notifications (Internal matters).
Telephone Directory Files: 1
Telephone Directory
System Statistics Files: 34
Daily System Statistics of KSEB prepared by State Load Despatch Centre
Manual Files: 7
Purchase Order and Agreement Files: 57
Purchase Order and Agreement
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