Full Time Directors Decisions



Decisions of FTD dated 1-3-2016


File No. & Subject
Point for Decision
Sports Cell/SQ/NG/16/2016
Appointment of medal winners of the State Team in the 35th National Games.
Whether the Government may be informed that the KSEBL is willing to give appointment to the medal winners of the State team in 35th National Games in the following disciplines limiting the maximum number to two in each discipline. (i) Volleyball (Men), (ii) Volleyball (Women), (iii) Basketball (Women), (iv) Tennis (Men), (v) Badminton-Shuttle (Men). We may agree to take two people each in the above five disciplines but limiting to medal hoders in National Games.
Installation and commissioning of 131.5KWp OFF-GRID Solar PV Plant in 15 Hamlets of Palakkad Dist.
1. Whether an amount of Rs.14,74,760/- be sanctioned from Board's own fund for providing internal house wiring in the 242 tribal houses of 5 colonies subject to reimburse the amount to Board from Tribal Department.
2. Whether sanction to provide three LED bulbs for each tribal house free of cost from DELP.
DGC/AEE.II/Survey Instruments/2014
Procurement of Total Station Theodolites for implementation of new schemes.
Whether sanction be accorded to the CE (CC-North) for purchasing three high precision total station instruments with a total financial commitment of Rs.20 lakh including all accessories and comprehensive AMC for 5 years after guarantee period after following all departmental procedures. Approved.
Upgradation of existing 110kV DC/SC line to 220 kV/110 MCMV line.
Whether sanction be accorded for obtaining the design of 220kV/110kV MCMV narrow based towers for the upcoming works in Northern Region by remitting the required fees of Rs.4,55,710/- to CPRI, Bangalore with 100% advance payment. Approved.
Service Tax on Supervision Charges - Request for amendment in Kerala Electricity Supply Code 2014.
1. Whether we may seek amendment in Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014 to replace the term "Supervision Charges" with "Administrative Overhead Charges" appearing in Schedule-2, Model Estimated Rates for Distribution Works considering the true intention that the charge is meant for recovery of actual expenditure incurred by KSEBL and not in any form of service charge, which has tax implications.
2. Whether the term "Supervision Charges" in the amendment proposal of 27(2) of Supply Code, 2014 already approved by the Board be replaced with "Administrative Overhead Charges" before submitting the same to the Member Secretary, Electricity Supply Code Review Panel.
3. If (1) and (2) approved, whether the CE (C&T) be authorised to submit the above proposals to the Member Secretary, Electricity Supply Code Review Panel for amendment in the respective Regulations of the Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014.



Decisions of FTD dated 20-2-2016


File No. & Subject
Point for Decision
Procedures for grant of connectivity for the renewable energy plants with KSEBL grid system.
1. Whether offices of CE (Trans.) may be directed to receive the application for connectivity for Renewable Projects with capacity above 12 MW and forward the applications to the office of the CE(RE&ES) for further processing.
2. Whether offices of CE (Distribution) may be directed to receive the application for connectivity for Renewable Projects with capacity below and including 12 MW and forward the applications to the O/o CE(RE&ES) for further processing.
3. Whether CE(RE&ES) may be directed to follow the practice in vogue in KSEBL in the matter of commissioning the RE Projects and may advise the CE concerned to enter into Connection Agreement with the project on commissioning.
4. Whether CE(IT) may be directed to prepare On-line application system in the matter of connectivity of all kind with KSEBL grid system.
Operation of Energy Open Innovation Zone -Kerala Startup Mission.
Whether (1) bipartiate Agreement between KSEBL and Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) for operational support of Energy Open Innovation Zone including an implementation and monitoring cost of Rs. 15,00,000/- be approved and (2) The Tripartite Agreement between KSEBL, KSUM and innovator waiving the condition for retaining 10% project cost till handing over of project be approved. Approved.
Installation of 0.45 MW SPV Plant at Perumthenaruvi SHEP.
1. Whether sanction can be accorded for installing 0.45 MWp Grid Tied Canal Top / Canal Bank SPV Plant at Perumthenaruvi at an estimated cost of Rs.3.566 crore using KSEBL own fund.
2. CE (REES) may be entrusted to tender and to execute the work.
75/CE(C&T)/STP/LoI 01 & LoI 02/2014-15
Short Term Purchase of 300 MW RTC power from Simhapuri Energy Ltd.
1. Whether the action of CE (C&T) in revising the original schedule for January 2016 and February 2016 from PTC-SEL vide letters dtd 1.1.2016 & 29.1.2016 may be ratified.
2. Whether the request of the CE (T-SO) for surrendering PTC-SEL power for the period from March to May 2016 may be considered after detailed deiberation in the Core Committee after reviewing the load generation balance (LGB).
D(T&SO)/T2/optic fibre leasing/2014
Leasing of dark fibres in the fibre optic link.
1. Whether sanction be accorded to lease one pair of fibre in the optic link between 400 kV Substation Palakkad (PGCIL) and 220 kV Substation, Kanjikode (KSEBL) for a period of one year from the date of execution of agreement observing all formalities.
2. Whether the base rate be taken as Rs.5000/km/fibre/ annum for DWSM and Rs. 4500/km/fibre/annum for DSSM for lease rate calculation.
The CE (Trans. SO) shall execute necessary agreements in this regard.
Capacity enhancement of 220kV Substation, Nallalam.
Whether Administrative sanction be accorded for the 'Capacity enhancement of 220 kV S/S, Nallalam by replacing 1*100MVA & 2*60 MVA 220/110kV transformers with 2*200 MVA, 220/110kV transformers' at an estimate cost of Rs.17.21 crore. Approved.
Civil Design Computer Centre, Tvpm - Upgradation of STAAD Software.
Whether sanction be accorded to the CE (CC-S) for upgrading the "STAAD Pro 2005" software to "STAAD Pro V 8i" with a financial commitment of Rs. 1,96,435/- with one year subscription, from M/s. Intercad Systems Pvt. Ltd. the authorised channel Partners of BENTLY. Approved.



Decisions of FTD dated 5-2-2016


File No. & Subject
Point for Decision
Proposal for the construction of 110kV S/S, Muttom
Whether Administrative Sanction be accorded for the construction of 110kV substation at Muttom with 1x12.5 MVA, 110/11kV transformer, under the existing 110kV Neriamangalam - Pala feeder as LILO arrangement, for an estimate amounting to Rs.530 lakh. Approved.
CE(REES)/AE III/Krsgd-Solar/ 2014-15
Solar Power Projects - Incorporation of Joint Venture Company for setting up of 200 MW Kasargod Solar Park Project.
Whether the clearance issue to the revised MOA and AOA may be ratified and the finalized MOA and AOA for the incorporation of Joint Venture Company for the implementation of 200 MW Solar Park Power Project may be approved. Approved.
XH-AEE4/2015-16/CE(SCM)/ Gl
Compliance of Store Purchase Manual.
1. Whether KSEBL may take up the matter of implementation of Store Purchase Manual with the Regulatory Commission to assess the impact of the same on tariff, with intimation to the Govt.
2. Whether CE (C&T) may be authorised to take up the matter with the Regulatory Commission.
DGC/AEE.1/Chembukadvu/ 2014
Chembukadavu Stage-III SHEP - Modified proposal to exclude tribal land.
1. Whether sanction be accorded to the CE (CC) North for making the modifications suggested and for revising the DPR of the Chembukadavu-III SHEP, incorporating those modifications, the revised estimate and the revised financial analysis.
2. If so, whether sanction be accorded for proceeding with the land acquisition activities as per the revised proposal and to complete the same expeditiously so that the scheme can be put to tender at an early date.
SCM/XH/Iron Scrap/2015-16
Disposal of iron scrap available at Sub Regional Stores.
Whether to accord sanction for disposal of iron scrap available at all Sub Regional Stores by e-auction through the web portal of M/s. MSTC Ltd., Bangalore and to authorise the Dy.CE (SCM) with powers of CE to arrange the same. Approved.
Construction of 110kV S/S at Muttom - sanction to take over land from Revenue Dept.
Whether sanction be accorded to take over the possession of one acre of revenue land in Block No. 57 & Re Sy. No. 1/1 in Muttom village under Thodupuzha Taluk, Idukki Dist., from the Revenue Department, by KSEBL free of cost for the construction of 110 kV S/S, Muttom after observing all formalities. Approved.
Reconstituting the scrap disposal committee.
Whether sanction be accorded to reconstitute the scrap disposal committee under the CE (Trans. System Operation) with the following members:
1. Dy. CE (Grid), O/o. CE(T.SO) as Chairperson.
2. AEE, O/o. the Dy.CE, SOC, Kannur
3. AEE, O/o. the Dy.CE, SOC, Kalamassery
4. AEE, O/o the Dy.CE, SOC, Tvpm.
5. AEE, Communication Sub Division, Areakode.
6. AEE, Communication Sub Division, Kalamassery.
7. AEE, Communication Sub Division, Edamon.
8. Finance Officer, Transmission Circle, Kalamassery.
9. AEE, Tech III, O/o CE (T.SO)
Disposal of faulty Single Phase & Three Phase electrostatic counter type meters.
(a) To accord sanction to the Dy. CEs of the concerned TMR Divisions to dispose all faulty single phase and three phase electrostatic counter type meters (including faulty meters within the guarantee period) existing as on date after survey reporting and following all procedures.
(b) to ratify the action taken by the Scrap Disposal Committee of TMR Divisions Thirumala & Pallom in having survey reported and disposed the faulty electrostatic counter type meters additionally as below after issuance of the BO dated 18.1.2014.
Name of TMR Dvn.   Single Phase (Nos)     3 Phase (Nos)
Thirumala                              164091                  6088
Pallom                                  117164                  4746
We may issue a general order to dispose all static meters (mechanical as well as electronic) after survey reporting the same.
D(T&SO)/T2/ULDC beyond 2011/2014
Establishing VPNoBB Data Communication link between LD & Substations.
1. Whether the action of the CE (T.SO) in having taken steps to avail VPNoBB BSNL connectivity at 110kV Substations Manjeswaram, Malappuram, Edappal, Kandassankadavu, Vennakkara (instead of 64 kbps MPLS VPN BSNL connectivity sanctioned vide order dtd. 25.1.2014 & 28.9.2015 and at Aluva and Edayar with an approximate financial commitment of Rs.18000/- as initial fixed cost and Rs.2,03,000/- as annual recurring expenditure for meeting the communication requirements to comply the CERC orders on relay mapping be ratified.
2. Whether the BO dated 25.1.2014 & 28.9.2015 be modified to the above extent.
D(T&SO)/T3/Sreekandapuram Upgradation/2015-16
Upgradation of 66 kV S/S, Sreekandapuram.
Whether Administrative Sanction be accorded for the work of Upgradation of 66 kV Substation, Sreekandapuram to 110 kV by constructing 110 kV DC line from Vellaparamba (LILO point of 110kV Kanhirode-Mattanur Feeder) to Sreekandapuram along the right of way of existing 66kV Mundayad - Sreekandapuram Feeder at an estimate cost of Rs.995 lakh. Approved.
D(D&S)/D5/HTMT Field Unit/ 00107/2015
Proposal for purchase of 2 nos. fully Automatic Meter Test Bench.
I. Whether sanction may be accorded:
(1) to procure two fully automatic Test Bench with high precision reference standard meter of 0.02 class of accuracy for TMR Divisions, Thirumala & Pallom costing Rs.2,24,00,000/- .
(2a) for the formation of additional HTMT outdoor Units for TMR Divisions, Kannur (with headquarters at Kozhikode), Angamaly (with headquarters at Ernakulam), Pallom & Thirumala with the following staff pattern : AE (E) - 1 No., Ele. Worker - 1 No.
(2b) to hire a contract vehicle with monthly limit of 2000 km for the HTMT outdoor units.
(3) to procure the following equipments for each HTMT outdoor Unit.
1. Portable Standard Reference Meter Class 0.05S (approx. cost - Rs. 15 lakh)
2. Digital Multimeter (approx. cost Rs. 10,000/-).
3. Tong Tester (approx. cost Rs. 50,000/-)
4. Tool Kit (approx. cost Rs. 50,000/-) for the functioning of the outdoor units.
II. If agreed, whether sanction may be accorded to authorise the concerned CEs of Distribution to procure the above items after observing all the purchase procedures and to make necessary arrangements for the functioning of the units.