KSEB to provide services online

Online ServicesThe Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is embarking on a programme to capture its entire distribution network in Geographical Information System (GIS) and provide several of its consumer services through the Internet.

The programme also envisages creating a well-spread-out computer network, setting up a number of information technology centres and putting in place a mechanism to ensure real time energy audit so as to facilitate the execution of measures to bring down technical and commercial losses in the transmission and distribution system to less than 15 per cent. To start with, this programme being launched in April this year and intended to be completed in 18 months, will cover the distribution network and consumers in 43 urban centres in the State. The Union government has sanctioned an assistance of Rs.214 crore under its Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme for this venture, expected to cost Rs.288 crore.

In a press release on Sunday, the KSEB said it was adding a component costing Rs.33 crore to the above venture supported by the Union government so as to ensure that the benefits of the Internet-based consumer services were extended to consumers located outside the 43 urban centres also.

On successful completion of the venture, the consumers will be able to settle their power bills online using their credit cards/bank accounts. They can also remit their payments at any cash collection centre of the KSEB in the State. They can access their accounts on the Internet and take printouts of their bills and file complaints, applications for service connections, appeals for tariff changes, etc., online.

They can call for their bills and other payment details over mobile phone short message service or by e-mail and have their complaints redressed quickly using the facilities afforded by information technology tools.

The KSEB said the system being deployed under the programme would also help it to optimise resources in purchase management and material utilisation and handle all accounts relating to salary, pension, provident fund and other benefits to the employees.

Source - Hindu Feb 22,2010
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