Metering & Billing

Consumers are charged for the electricity consumed as recorded in the energy meter. All new as well as existing consumers have the option to purchase and install electronic type energy meters at their cost. The meter shall have ISI mark and Class 1 accuracy.  The meter shall be tested, sealed and certified to be confirming to IS 13779/99 and latest amendment by the meter testing units under Electrical Inspectorate or KSEB.  Such consumers will be exempted from payment of meter rental charges.

Monthly reading and invoicing is done for EHT/ HT/ Industrial consumers and others having connected load above 10 kW.  Bimonthly spot billing is in force for all other categories of consumers.  Authorised person will take meter reading and invoice will be prepared and issued based on the recorded consumption.  If a premise is seen locked up or if the meter is malfunctioning, invoice will be prepared considering average consumption.  Invoice will contain net amount payable, due date for payment, date of disconnection if payment is not made etc.  The invoice issued to the consumer will be treated as Demand cum Disconnection Notice for all purposes.
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