transmissionTransmission system is an essential link between power stations and load centres for bulk transfer of power and it has a vital role in the management of power. KSEB has pioneered the modern concept of developing a large transmission network for transferring power from power stations to the local load centres.

The Kerala power system grid is connected to the Southern Region Transmission system through two 400kV double circuit lines. They are (1) Udumalpet- Madakkathara line and (2) Thiruneveli- Pallippuram( Trivandrum) line. There are 6 major inter-state transmission lines. at 220KV level and 110KV level. The 220 KV lines are (1) Kaniyampetta- Kadakola(single circuit). (2) Idukki - Udumalpet(single circuit). (3) Sabarigiri - Theni (single circuit). (4) Edamon - Thirunelveli(double circuit). The 110 KV lines are (1).Parassala - Kuzhithura and (2) Manjeswaram - Konake.The major substations include two 400 KV sub-stations, and seventeen 220 KV substations. The main grid comprises of the 220 KV systems.

The transmission sector of KSEB comprises of two zones namely North and South, and a System Operation wing ld_control_roomeach headed by a Chief Engineer. The North zone is headed by the Chief Engineer (Transmission - North) with its head quarters at Kozhikode, and the South zone headed by the Chief Engineer (Transmission-South) with its head quarters at Thiruvananthapuram.

The System Operations wing with headquarters at Kalamassery is responsible for the real time management of Kerala Power System and also the activities connected with communication and protection fields. The State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) does meticulous planning and prudent operations to attain excellent results. It includes real time load restrictions as and when necessary, generation scheduling, maintenance scheduling, scheduling the import of power from IPPs and CGS on long term as well as on daily basis, economic load dispatching, merit order dispatching, unit commitment policy, fixing up of merit order for under frequency tripping and remote switching from the sub LD Stations.

An overview of the transmission system as on 30.06.2011 is given below.

Sl. No. Capacity No. Substations Line length in Circuit Kms Reliability Index
1. 400KV 2* 260**
2. 220KV 17 2701.38 97.75
3. 110KV 129 4004 98.25
4. 66KV 83 2387 97.86
5. 33KV 114
1430 92.99
Total 329 10782.38


*One 400 kV Substation at Pallipuram ,Thiruvananthapuram is owned by PGCIL    
**Owned by PGCIL

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