30-minute load-shedding to continue

aryadan3The newly introduced 30-minute load-shedding is likely to continue in Kerala until the flow of electricity from the Central grid is restored to normal level. The cyclical load-shedding will be spread over the four-hour period from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. 

Making a statement in the Assembly on 04-10-2011, Electricity Minister Aryadan Mohammed described the reasons for the unexpected power crisis the State had fallen into since September 29.

He said the State required around 2,300 MW during daytime and 2,900 MW during the 'peak' evening hours. The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) had been meeting this demand with the help of electricity available from the power stations within the State and that available from Central power stations outside the State.

Kerala has eligibility for 1,134 MW of power from the Central stations located in places such as Ramagundam, Thalcher, and Neyveli. Since annual repair and maintenance work do not permit any power station to function at full capacity all the time, the average availability of electricity from these Central stations for Kerala comes to only around 970 MW.

Supply of coal to the Ramagundam power station has been adversely affected by the Telungana agitation in Andhra Pradesh. And the power stations at Thalcher and Neyveli too started experiencing certain problems on September 29. The Central power stations are now supplying to the State 300 MW less than the 970 MW they have been giving on an average.

The KSEB has taken care to avoid load-shedding during daytime by operating during daytime some of its hydroelectric stations (such as the one at Edamalayar) that would be normally operated only during the 'peak' evening hours, Mr. Mohammed said. Also, thermal power stations such as the ones at Kozhikode and Brahmapuram too have been pressed into service despite the very high cost involved in generating power there. On fuel alone, a unit of electricity generated at these stations now costs Rs.9.80.

The KSEB had tried to buy electricity from other States and the open market to make good the 'peak' time shortage. However, these efforts are yet to succeed since the other southern States too are experiencing severe power shortage.

Source - Hindu 04-10-2011

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