100% Electrification

electrification1“Electricity to each and every common man”. This is the base slogan for the total electrification project in the State. The availability of electrical power and utilisation of power is directly related to the agricultural and industrial development of a region and the upliftment of society.

A special drive for the 100 % electrification of LA constituencies of Kerala State was commenced in the year 2009. The project intended to use the Local Area Development funds of MLA, MP, Plan fund of Local Self Government institutions, Grant- in aid fund etc. with KSEB providing fund to the extent of 50 % of the total cost of electrification subject to a maximum of One Crore for achieving this aim.

Under this scheme, the district of Palakkad became the first in India to be declared fully electrified. The declaration of complete electrification of Palakkad district was done by the Hon Union minister for Power Sri Susheel Kumar Shinde on 16.2.2010.

By March 2011 three more districts of the 14 districts of Kerala had been declared fully electrified.

Of the total 140 constituencies in the state, total of 87 constituencies including those constituencies in the 4 fully electrified districts of Palakkad, Trissur, Alappuzha and Kottayam have been declared fully electrified.

RGGVY scheme for the electrification of rural BPL households is under implementation in the state. With the completion of this project, it is expected that the state will be completely electrified.
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