Instructions to Applicants for new permanent / temporary service connection

Please go through the instructions carefully before filling up the application. Please ensure that all particulars are duly filled in order to avoid possible rejection. You may contact the Assistant Engineer directly for any clarification.
Applicants are required to produce the original document for verification whenever photostat copies of certificates are produced. The original document will be returned from the enquiry / reception counter, after verification.
Service connection application shall be signed in the presence of official authorised to accept application form. To verify identity, the applicant / authorised signatory shall produce photo identity card in the original. If the applicant is unable to appear in person, an officer of KSEB or Gazetted Officer shall attest applicant’s signature.
As per statutes, approval in writing of Electrical Inspector should be produced before any wiring or apparatus is connected to Board’s supply in case of HT and EHT consumers. Similarly in the case of high rise building, x-ray units and neon signs owner shall give a notice to Electrical Inspector before any wiring or apparatus are connected to Board’s supply. Board cannot give the connection if Electrical Inspector prohibits it. Applicants for service connection to high-rise building (having more than 15 m height from ground level) are advised to carefully go through regulation 13 of KSEB Terms and Conditions of Supply 2005. Electric connection can be effected to such building only after obtaining energisation approval from Electrical Inspectorate. Service connection to premises situated in Puramboke land will be provided if the premises has building number allotted by local body, subject to the condition that consumer shall pay minimum charge for required period, even if the service is disconnected / dismantled before the expiry of this period for reasons beyond control of Board.
Multiple service connections may be permitted in a premise, even if separate building number is not allotted by the local body subject to the following conditions:
iThe building should have a building number allotted by the local body.
iiA Service Connection given without separate building number will be disconnected if Secretary of the local body requests in writing to disconnect the service connection on the grounds that building was constructed violating building rules. Consumer shall give an undertaking in non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs 100/- to this effect.
iiiThere should not be more than one service connection allotted for the same purpose and in the same tariff in the same premise. However, separate service connections in domestic tariff will be given to independent dwelling units in buildings for domestic purpose if so desired by the consumer, if separate entrance from outside and separate wiring is provided for each dwelling unit.
The applicants are required to remit Security Deposit (CD) for registering the service connection. In case of application by tenant, applicant shall remit Security Deposit at twice the normal rate (this will be applicable while collecting Additional Security Deposit (ACD) also).
Board will be forced to terminate the service connection agreement and dismantle service connection without prior notice if it is proved at any stage that the service connection was availed by hiding facts / fabricating false consents or orders. Any amount remitted by such consumer is liable to be forfeited.
Formalities of power allocation are withdrawn; but a prospective consumer shall intimate the power requirement and remit an advance, towards cost.  The amount will be adjusted without interest in the estimated amount to be paid by the applicant. This advance amount shall not be refunded in case the applicant withdraws the application.
Advance amount collected with intimation of power requirement
For Connected Load / Contract Demand
Above 10 kVA, but up to and including 50 kVA    Rs 2,000/-
Above 50 kVA, but up to and including 100 kVA    Rs 5,000/-
Above 100 kVA, but up to and including 500 kVA    Rs 10,000/-
Above 500 kVA    Rs 20,000/-
If the total connected load of a building is 50 kVA and above, irrespective of the fact whether there are separate building numbers allotted by the local body and / or separate service connections, connection will be effected only after installation of separate transformer of adequate capacity, the cost of which shall be recovered from the consumer. In such cases consumer shall provide space for erecting transformer.
In the case of high-rise building having connected load of 50 kVA and above, the owner/promoter will have to install transformer of required capacity by himself. Only indoor installations shall be permitted in urban areas under Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Ernakulam, Trissur and Kozhikode and such other places where outdoor installations may not be possible due to space limitations and safety aspects. Electrical connection shall be effected to high-rise building only on production of energisation approval from Electrical Inspectorate.
Maintenance of the transformer and connected equipment installed by promoter / consumer will be the responsibility of the consumer / allottees’ association and KSEB shall not be held responsible for this.
The metering equipment shall be easily and independently accessible for the Board’s official at any point of time. Unhindered direct entry should be possible from outside.
In the case of multi panel HT connections, there should be provision to lock and seal each panel individually so as to make disconnection possible for each consumer, individually.
In case the applicant requires to waive the condition of cable trench with cover slab for cable laid in his property, it will be permitted; provided the metering is at the beginning of the cable in the case of HT Service Connections or in case of LT connections, if a check meter is provided at the beginning of the cable. In the latter case if there is a discrepancy between the readings of this check meter and the billing energy meters, Board will arrange inspections to check abnormalities.
Consumers have the option
To procure and install transformers and other equipments/ materials,
To procure and supply all / part  of the materials  required for the work or
To undertake the labour portion of the work alone
subject to condition

Additional guidelines for filling up of application

Applicants for LT connection should specify number of phases required (either single phase or three-phase). Only three-phase supply will be given if the connected load is the above 5000 W. However in the case of domestic consumers in the area where three-phase four wire distribution main is not available, supply can be effected on single phase, after collecting an undertaking from the applicant that he / she shall avail three-phase supply as soon as three-phase four wire distribution main is extended to the area (ref item no 13 in application form).
It may please be noted that as per Electricity Act 2003, Section 46, a distribution licensee can realise from any person requiring supply of electricity, any expenditure reasonably incurred in providing electric line or electric plant used for the purpose of giving that supply as authorised by the State Regulatory Commission. Applicants willing to remit the required expenditure (OYEC) may note that service connection under this category is also effected in the order of seniority (ref item no 15 & 19 in application form).
Specify whether construction of overhead lines (including phase addition) or use of additional electric pole is required for effecting the service. It may please be noted that construction of overhead lines is necessary if the distance from the nearest electric pole to the meter box is more than 35 m. Phase addition may be required if there is only streetlight connection in the nearby post and also if three-phase supply is required where the same is not available in the service post. Use of additional poles may be necessary to avoid crossing of property of others, to maintain statutory clearances etc. If not sure tick “Not known”. (ref item no 17 in application form).
In case applicant being tenant and is unable to produce consent from the building owner, he has to execute an indemnity bond in the prescribed format and remit special deposit at prescribed rate (ref item no 20 b in application form).
Please be informed that if the applicant is unable to produce consent from other owners, KSEB has to obtain necessary orders from the District Collector / Additional District Magistrate for constructing the electric line. The consumer shall bear the expenditure and delay in such cases. In case applicant is unable to produce necessary consents, he has to execute an indemnity bond in the prescribed format (ref item no 21 c in application form)..
In case of application for LT Service Connection, please affix Court Fee Stamp worth Rs 50. In the case of application for HT service connection, separate agreement need to be executed in Non Judicial Stamp Paper worth Rs 50/-(ref item no 24 in application form).

Submitting Application Form and Registration

1Duly filled application forms along with accompaniments can either be handed over to authorized KSEB official at the enquiry / reception counter in the concerned Electrical Section office or forwarded thorough registered post to Assistant Engineer of concerned Electrical Section.
2A Token number will be issued acknowledging the receipt of application.
3After verification of the documents required Application fee will be collected from applicant. In case of consumers who prefer to forward the application through registered post, the necessary application fee shall be remitted in the form of Crossed DD favouring Assistant Engineer of concerned Electrical Section. In such case the DD No. shall also be mentioned in the application form.
4The applicants for Weather Proof service connection not requiring phase addition, post insertion, support post etc. can remit CD, Service Connection Charge (SCC) / OYEC amount at standard rates on the basis of data furnished in the application form, along with Application Fee, prior to site inspection by field officer. In the case of other consumers, intimation to remit CD, SCC / OYEC amount will be given through mail after site inspection.

Effecting Service Connections

1The Service Connection will be effected in the order of priority of registration in respective category.
2Weather proof service connection not requiring phase addition, post insertion / support pole will be arranged if there is no pending service connection application in that category, accepting the details furnished by the applicant. The details will be verified by the inspecting personnel at a later stage. If any additional information, consent or sanction is required for effecting the service, the service connection will not be effected until necessary orders are obtained from competent authority. Delay and expenses on this account shall be borne by the consumer.
3In case of applicants requiring phase addition, overhead line, post insertion / support post etc., the service connection will be effected after site inspection, according to priority. If consent or sanction is required for effecting the service, the service connection will be effected only after obtaining necessary orders from the competent authority. Delay and expenses on this account shall be borne by the consumer.
4In case the application is rejected or if KSEB is not in a position to effect the service connection as requested, the fact will be intimated to the consumer through mail and CD amount will be refunded.

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